Without visitors, a site or a blog dies a slow death. Creating and maintaining a blog is no big deal; getting traffic and making your visitors want to stay on your blog is a big deal. Freebies

Once you get visitors, you want to know how many visits is your blog getting every day, and for that you will need counters and other statistics. I used to use HitStats but it disappeared all of a sudden. I found another site giving away free counters in various sizes and designs.

1. Animated Counters
2. Arabic Counters
3. Art Counters
4. Big Digits Counters
5. Card Counters
6. Chinese / Japanese
7. Classic Counters
8. Creative / Abstract
9. Digital Digits Counters
10. Freaky Counters
and lots more.

Just select the counter you like, give it a name and the site will generate a code which you need to embed in your blog. Get Free Counters for your site.